What is labiaplasty?

With an increase in the number of available plastic procedures, it essential that we educate ourselves on a few of them which may, in turn, come to be of importance to us. Plastic surgery is any procedure that tampers with the current state of appearance of a person. It maybe for reconstruction purposes or just for the cosmetic purpose, what really counts is the specialty of the doctor that you choose and you will get the best result there is.

Labiaplasty is a procedure that entails the surgical removal of excess tissue in the labia. When the process is combined with vaginoplasty it is referred to as vaginal rejuvenation. People with excess tissue in the labia opt to go through the process to get rid of it. The procedure is low risk, it may be conducted using a scalpel or a laser, the wound is then stitched to assist in healing. The doctor looks at the situation and decides the best way to go through the whole process with input from the patient of course.

There are several things to be considered before going through a labiaplasty, this include:


Health services are generally high; it is through insurance policies that people are able to get the medical attention that they need. Oddly enough though, the fact that labiaplasty is important to some people for matters greater than themselves, most covers view it as a cosmetic procedure. It is thus important that the patient ensures to gather all the financial material they will need for the procedure.

Scouting for a specialist

Surgery is a delicate matter. The patient should, therefore, put an effort in researching surgeons that will best suit their wishes. People who are good at what they do, knowing how well a doctor performs his surgeries through testimonials from previous patients is bound to give the new patient some ground of trust for the doctor.

Medical history

Medical issues such as high blood pressure or any heart conditions affect a persons’ eligibility for a labiaplasty. This is due to the fact that prior medical conditions may negatively affect the procedure. Patients may bleed out or experience the occurrence of blood clots. Allergies are also an important issue to consider when it comes to any form of surgery. Composites of medicines may lead the patient to allergic reactions which in turn cause unnecessary complication which could have been complicated if due care had been taken.

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Rate of success

Some medical procedures are more complicated than others. Knowing the correct rate of success of a labiaplasty is important for a patient who is considering undergoing the surgery. The rate at which the procedure is carried out is also a key determiner. The patient needs to ensure that their research is thorough.

In light of all this it is important that when educating yourself on matters concerning your health you seek professional opinions rather than jumping to conclusions on your own insight. Patients should also not be biased while conducting research as this would cause biased information.

The scope of cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are surgical or nonsurgical procedures that reshape the body’s normal structures and improve their appearance. Many opt for cosmetic surgeries to achieve an appealing appearance and also to boost their self-esteem.

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There are various types of cosmetic surgeries:

  1. Botox: this is a Botulinum Toxin injection that is used to treat wrinkles. The injection is done on the muscle tissues around the wrinkled region to relax the muscles and eliminate wrinkles.
  2. Blepharoplasty: this is an eyelid surgery that involves removing excess fat and skin around the eyes to make the area smooth and firm.
  3. Breast augmentation: this is either enlarging or reducing the size of breasts to improve their appearance. In conjunction with this procedure, breast lifts and breast implants are also performed.
  4. Buttock augmentation: this is the enlargement of buttocks using fats from other regions or with silicone implants. Buttock lifts are also part of the augmentation process.
  5. Brow lift surgery: this is correcting of the wrinkles, loose skin and the hanging eyebrows which usually results from aging. It is done under local anesthesia.
  6. Facelifts: this is a procedure that reverses the wrinkled effects of aging on the face. The procedure eliminates the creases and lines on the face. The surgeon makes incisions behind the ear which removes creases by separating skin from muscles and fat.


This is another popular plastic surgery procedure nowadays. The purpose is to reduce a certain amount of fat in the body. It is performed in two ways: surgical and non-surgical. Liposuction surgery is ideal for those have large body fat accumulation. Another main reason why Liposuction is popular is because it enhances the shape and contour of the body. Both surgical and non-surgical is perform in body parts such as the face, midsection and lower body. The common method of non-surgical liposuction is perform using the laser technology. Indeed, the popular term for this laser liposuction. The good news about Laser liposuction is it’s convenient, less time consuming, scar free, pain-free and does provide great results without going under the knife.

In some cases, surgical and non-surgical liposuction is performed in one patient. The purpose of this is to achieve the best result. This happens when the patient carries more body fat that it requires both methods. In this procedure, laser liposuction is firstly performed and is followed by liposuction surgery.

It is essential to find the right surgeon to determine which method is suitable for your needs. It will be known during your first consultation. If you haven’t contacted one, visit us for more info. Our medical practice in Melbourne offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures at reasonable prices.

These are the common procedures of plastic surgery that have gained popularity throughout the world. Cosmetic procedures can be done in all parts of the body, and the other types are the arm lift, forehead lift, neck lift, thread lift and otoplasty among others.