The scope of cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are surgical or nonsurgical procedures that reshape the body’s normal structures and improve their appearance. Many opt for cosmetic surgeries to achieve an appealing appearance and also to boost their self-esteem.

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There are various types of cosmetic surgeries:

  1. Botox: this is a Botulinum Toxin injection that is used to treat wrinkles. The injection is done on the muscle tissues around the wrinkled region to relax the muscles and eliminate wrinkles.
  2. Blepharoplasty: this is an eyelid surgery that involves removing excess fat and skin around the eyes to make the area smooth and firm.
  3. Breast augmentation: this is either enlarging or reducing the size of breasts to improve their appearance. In conjunction with this procedure, breast lifts and breast implants are also performed.
  4. Buttock augmentation: this is the enlargement of buttocks using fats from other regions or with silicone implants. Buttock lifts are also part of the augmentation process.
  5. Brow lift surgery: this is correcting of the wrinkles, loose skin and the hanging eyebrows which usually results from aging. It is done under local anesthesia.
  6. Facelifts: this is a procedure that reverses the wrinkled effects of aging on the face. The procedure eliminates the creases and lines on the face. The surgeon makes incisions behind the ear which removes creases by separating skin from muscles and fat.


This is another popular plastic surgery procedure nowadays. The purpose is to reduce a certain amount of fat in the body. It is performed in two ways: surgical and non-surgical. Liposuction surgery is ideal for those have large body fat accumulation. Another main reason why Liposuction is popular is because it enhances the shape and contour of the body. Both surgical and non-surgical is perform in body parts such as the face, midsection and lower body. The common method of non-surgical liposuction is perform using the laser technology. Indeed, the popular term for this laser liposuction. The good news about Laser liposuction is it’s convenient, less time consuming, scar free, pain-free and does provide great results without going under the knife.

In some cases, surgical and non-surgical liposuction is performed in one patient. The purpose of this is to achieve the best result. This happens when the patient carries more body fat that it requires both methods. In this procedure, laser liposuction is firstly performed and is followed by liposuction surgery.

It is essential to find the right surgeon to determine which method is suitable for your needs. It will be known during your first consultation. If you haven’t contacted one, visit us for more info. Our medical practice in Melbourne offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures at reasonable prices.

These are the common procedures of plastic surgery that have gained popularity throughout the world. Cosmetic procedures can be done in all parts of the body, and the other types are the arm lift, forehead lift, neck lift, thread lift and otoplasty among others.

What Are The Benefits and Risks of liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure where pockets of fat are removed from various parts of the body such as the belly, buttocks, thighs, breasts and calves. In order to get the finest contours, it is usually highly recommended that this procedure otherwise known as lipoplasty-be combined with other procedures. Is this procedure worth the time, effort and money? There are positive benefits of liposuction as well as negative ones. Let us look at both:

Liposuction Benefits

Liposuction surgery helps to get rid of localized fat deposits so that you do not have a disproportionate body shape. This surgical procedure helps to even out the in the specified areas so that you have a uniform outline of the body.

Liposuction is the best technique to use for those with elastic skin, giving you that sleek appearance on the skin.

If you have been aiming at having a slim figure so that your clothes could fit, liposuction is the recommended procedure. It trims your figure so that you can wear clothes that will fit well. Liposuction makes use of small incisions on the body which means that you will have fewer scars after the sculpturing is done.

Risks associated with liposuction are fewer because a patient is sedated before being operated on. You will also experience less pain in the process.
Downtime for the liposuction procedure is short which means you will be able to resume your daily activities soon after discharge. This is far much better than other surgical procedures whereby you are required to be admitted or extended bed rest without vigorous exercises for the next few weeks. Discover more about the many benefits of liposuction here –

The Risks of Liposuction

Despite the above positive effects of this surgical procedure, there are some inherent problems associated with it. These are the negative effects:
If you put on weight soon after the liposuction procedure, fat will grow back where it had been removed, beating the very purpose of having undergone the procedure in the first place.
Patients who are advanced in years may not reap the full benefits of the procedure as their skins are inelastic. Liposuction works best on patients with younger skin as it takes shapes far more easily. Young women in their teens are the best candidates for the procedure.

Pregnancy could be a stumbling block to women especially if they got pregnant after the procedure; the gains will be lost as fat will get back where it had been removed. This essentially means that women have to ensure that they do not get pregnant again after the liposuction procedure.

The following website discusses the risks of liposuction.

Not all people are good candidates for liposuction. For instance, those are overweight will have to shed some weight in order to qualify for the procedure. This means that obese patients who have tried dieting or exercise without success cannot count on liposuction to get rid of the excess fat. Liposuction does not help get rid of cellulite, which essentially means that you can only get rid of fat deposits only.

It is also not a reliable method if you have loose skin as it will not tighten it.

So as you can see there are many benefits and also a few risks with any cosmetic surgery procedure. The key to getting a good result with any cosmetic procedure including liposuction is to find a good cosmetic surgeon. If you are located in Australia and live in one of the big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth then you should find many good surgeons. If you are looking to get a good outcome for your liposuction procedure you should visit this website – as they specialize in liposuction and offer great prices.

Watch the video below about the Benefits of liposuction

What Does Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry Have In Common?

Often people who decide to get cosmetic dentistry work done are people that have money and are into improving their appearance.  It is not much of a further step to decide to get some cosmetic surgery procedures done as well.

breast-augmentationSome of the more common cosmetic surgery procedures that women get are liposuction and breast implants. Breast implants for women are by far the most common procedure that women tend to desire most.  Breast augmentation has become a very large industry these days and more women each year decide to have some type of breast enhancement.   Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes and you can find out more detailed information about them here –

Many people who live up to the mantra that they are practical, thrifty and pennywise think that getting under the knife for cosmetic purposes is an atrocious and unacceptably costly move to make. They think that cosmetic surgery procedures should only be addressed to the rich and famous, not the common, everyday individuals. Think again, because even though prices are sky-high for today’s most modern cosmetic procedures, still, many clients flock to their doctor’s clinics to consult and get on with several cosmetic procedures.

Some of these most popular treatment procedures include abdominoplasty, breast reduction, breast lift, face, nose lift, eyelid surgery, hair transplantation ear surgery, liposuction, etc. These procedures and more are geared to enhance, improve, or correct physical imperfections or deformities. People are quite touchier on the subject of physical beauty these days since many of us bank on physical appearance as we make a living and put bread on the table. If your job entails that you face people from all walks of life every day, wouldn’t you think it’s best if you feel good about yourself and not at all insecure with a crooked nose or droopy eyelids? Definitely.  Cosmetic surgery can help in many regards and often give a person a new lease on life…

Did you know that many mothers decide to get a makeover in the form of breast augmentation or breast lift surgery – more info here – tummy-tuck   and also a tummy tuck and liposuction as often after having children ones stomach can become soft and loose which can really look horrible and most women will become self-conscious about it.

For others, the influence of today’s celebrities is quite very strong which is why there are those who invest on cosmetic surgery to look more like their favorite stars. That might seem like a silly reason for getting under the knife but yes, it’s reality. So it’s definitely no wonder why even though cosmetic procedures are very expensive, many people are still up to the job of getting one. We have all our reasons for getting a cosmetic surgery. Whatever yours may be, just don’t forget to consult your doctor first.