Modern Day Cosmetic Surgery

Over the last number of decades, we have seen a great advance in all sorts of technology which also includes cosmetic surgery. As our culture has become more affluent the rise in cosmetic surgery has also increased. There is a large range of cosmetic enhancement procedures that are available these days and the costs have come down over the years as well.

The most popular types of cosmetic surgery are liposuction, breast implants, facelift and reshaping the nose also called rhinoplasty.


The facelift is a procedure that can greatly help people that are visibly aging which facelift-cosmetic-surgeryalways shows up on the face first. Most people will tend to be around in their forties or fifties who decide to have a facelift. The benefits of a facelift are many and the main one is to help remove wrinkles.

The key to a good outcome to facelift surgery is to find a plastic surgeon. The experience of a plastic surgeon is vital to a good outcome and you can find many horror stories of people that have had a bad outcome and this is due to the lack of experience of the surgeon.

 Breast implants surgery

Breast augmentation surgery or breast implant surgery is arguably the commonest type cosmetic surgery.  It is mostly done for reconstructive and cosmetic reasons. Let us briefly look at what each entail.

Reconstruction surgery

If one has had a mastectomy or surgical removal of the breast, there will need to rebuild what was left of the breast and this where the breast implants come into the picture. One will find that the mount will need to be reconstructed so that it takes the shape of the breasts.

Size and shape of the breasts

breast-augmentationSometimes one does not need to have a medical condition to necessitate the breast implants. The mere need to have the perfect size of the breasts and the right shape means that one will have the breast implants procedure

One wills not that the first type of breast implants are not purely cosmetic but medical since cancer could be the reason for the breast removal and the eventual implants. One will, therefore, find that there are insurance companies which will agree to cover the cost of the entire procedure.

The other one is, of course, a purely a cosmetic procedure and as such, one should be prepared to meet the entire cost of the procedure.

Before one decides to have breast implants, one should ask the relevant questions and in particular, on the cost, health implicating as well as the availability of other options. There are some potential risks that one should be aware of.

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